Rio Hernandez: vocals + bass
Bernadette C. Gardella: vocals + drums
Ralph Blas: vocals + guitar

Proudly hailing from San Francisco, The Little Bits make fun music for kids and their families to enjoy together, inspired by the current generation of parents that we probably used to see rock shows with. Bbrought to you by Rio Hernandez, Bernadette Cordova Gardella, and Ralph Blas, also members of Sputterdoll, and Mud.

After 7 years of non-stop shows with their previous band (Sputterdoll), Rio and Bernadette sought to work again in a new setting this time with their good friends Jesse (Skyflakes) and Ralph (Mud), to form The Little Bits. Rio and Bernadette are parents, and it was only natural to be involved with music they can share with their kids. Ralph, also an awesome uncle, rounds out the fun music TLB shares with young people. All are songwriters, and each are contributors to the growing library of The Little Bits' songs. As of this writing, Jesse has moved on to different projects. TLB are currently a trio.

We intend to be involved with events that benefit causes we strongly believe in, especially those of anti-bullying awareness, missing and/or abused children, community-based initiatives, etc. Our live show provides an outlet (or stage) for young ones to let their energies out. We encourage dancing, bouncing, jumping and singing, and they can be as loud as they want to be. We bring balloons, bubbles, stickers, party hats and other  fun stuff to engage our young audience with movement, sharing, playing and activities that promote them to participate with other kids. In short, TLB gives your kids a great time through a fun live show filled with bouncy music and activities.

TLB are available for your benefit events and/or kids' parties.