Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another track: We Are The Little Bits

We just uploaded a third track!

Go to Music & Video and hear it: it's called We Are The Little Bits. It's an intro song that we will be opening with at our shows. Something fun and energetic to get your little ones in the mood!

In other TLB news, are you all up to date with technology? If you would like to download our tracks to your smart phone, you can easily do it. Just open the Music&Video page, and scroll down -- you'll see some weird tag.

You have to do a couple of quick things: download the tagreader app from Microsoft, and then scan over the tag. It will take you to our soundclick page -- you will then need to log in (create an account if you don't have one). From there, you can download our music as well as cool music you discover on soundclick. This is not an ad for the mentioned companies :) But this is just to let you know you can download our music to your phone and truth be told, we have to tell you how and where to get it done! We will be using tags for other things so just giving you a heads up about downloading the app -- you'll find it useful later on. Thank us later :)

If you're already using and know about tags, KUDOS to you!


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