Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TLB in 2011!

We have 3 shows left for the year. It has been a really cool 2011 for us: first real show, the addition of Ralph, lots of awesome shows and families and events, some press and podcast plays! Thank you to those who had stayed to listen and then danced their tushies off.

These last 3 shows are all going to be so much fun.

10/23 @ Sunday Streets (Mission Route)
It will be the last Sunday Streets of the year, and we want to thank Beth for including is in. It is a wonderful event that encourages outdoor activities, and we are so excited to have already been a part of this last month. We think it's an awesome idea to get everyone out and enjoy things along the way.

10/30 @ Seasons Marketplace, 1535 Landess Ave, Milpitas, CA
The show at Seasons' Marketplace is their Halloween Event. We would like to thank Gabrielle for considering us and letting us entertain their patrons. We had a lot of fun the first time, and we hope to come back again and again. We will have special halloween treats for the kids! Come in costume too, there are prizes and games hosted by Seasons!

11/5 @ Bayanihan Center, 1010 Mission St, San Francisco, CA
This is a very special tribute show to a friend of ours, Eric Fructuoso, who recently passed away. He was a very dear friend and brother and mentor to so many people and youth, including members of The Little Bits, and we are very honored to be a part of this event. All the bands on the lineup were special to Eric, and he was special to them. Proceeds will benefit the Eric Fructuoso Memorial Fund.

We hope to get some more recording done after these shows, sometime in between the upcoming holidays. We will most definitely be back for more in 2012!


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